Berkeley Sciences is a research team with a passion for keeping physicians one step ahead of the curve.

How we support you 

Clinical Sciences Institute  With projected access to over 5000 clinical sites by Q4 2024, we have the capacity to organize large-scale primary research with the statistical power and representativity to reveal even small effects.

Skin Clinician Trendpaks  We distill dozens of studies, articles, and lectures into engaging intelligence briefings for physicians and clinicians to stay massively informed and grow their practices. Learn more.

Cancer Research Group  With a current focus on actinic keratosis, we research evidence-based methods to bring new tools and techniques to physicians and clinicians.

Zwitterion Research Group  We anticipate NSF funding during the first half of 2025 to research human health applications for zwitterions, shape-shifting molecules that are often overlooked due to their inability to be patented. 

Our process



As a group of curious and passionate practitioners ourselves, we are always on the lookout for clinical opportunities within the science of health and wellness.



We organize teams of experts and partners who share our passion solving challenges, or at least having fun trying.



We relentlessly attempt to outdo ourselves by iteratively testing and improving our techniques and designs until they are ready for your clinic.



We  focus on large-scale / low-cost innovations designed to have the largest impact on your clinic and the public good.

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”

— Robert L. Peters, Designer

Let's work together